3rd September 2014
Wildlife Prints

Red Deer Stags River Crossing Oil Painting for Sale
"River Crossing"
Original oil painting
image 26 x 46 inches
For Sale


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I've been working on this one for sometime now. This photo was taken a while ago now and it is now being framed ready for Perthshire Open Studios.

More snow on the way - Pink-footed geese oil painting
Original oil painting
image 29 x 39 inches
For Sale


Wildlife Paintings
Here is an example of designing a painting for an existing frame. I had this lovely gold frame taking up space in the workshop so have designed a composition that I hope will tie in well with the colours. I'm using ideas from my recent fieldwork watching the August red deer stags in velvet. This is the piece that I'll be working on during the "Perthshire Open Studios" event.

Roe Deer Painting for Sale - Thawing Snow

Roe Deer Oil Painting in Progress by Martin Ridley - Deer painting for sale

Roe Deer Oil Painting in Progress by Martin Ridley - Deer painting for sale
"Velvet Morning", Red Deer Stags
Looking inland from the Rhu Peninsula nr. Arisaig
canvas 24 x 50 inches
Painting in Progress - Will be for Sale

Wildlife Paintings

Martin Ridley - Wildlife Artist

Here are some photos from my time in the hills.

Recently I was watching some deer when they suddenly spooked. I knew it was nothing caused by me. A group broke away and started running down the mountain. Then I realised why they were panicking; as a pair of golden eagles were quartering the hillside just above the herd. I got some good views for about forty minutes as I don't think the eagles spotted me. I was well tucked up in head to toe camouflage. A great end to a wet evening!

golden eagles over the red deer herds

Golden Eagle Photo
Photos of Golden Eagles

Red deer stags in velvet

Stag - August
Photos of Red Deer Stags in Velvet

Photo of a pouncing red fox
Photo of a fox pouncing

I also got lucky spotting this fox hunting voles high up on a mountainside. It soon heard the camera shutter even from 200 yards and made off. Their hearing is amazing.

Wildlife Paintings

Book Signing Opportunity

I have topped up my stock of the book "Deer: Artists' Impressions". Copies signed by me are available at the studio. The book includes work from the following artists; Owen Williams, Jonathan Sainsbury, Keith Sykes, Rodger McPhail, Ian MacGillivray, Ben Hoskyns, Ashley Boon and myself.

Exert from the back cover
"... each artist explains in his own words why he cherishes painting deer in the wild and portrays the deer in his own unique style, from delicate pencil drawings to vivid watercolours and luxurious oils. All this is complemented with an extensive description by Graham Downing of each of the six British deer species - Red, Roe, Fallow, Muntjac, Chinese water deer and Sika - with royalties being donated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the British Deer Society."

Also available as a special leather bound limited edition signed by the artists
More Information

Deer Artists' Impressions Book for Sale
Deer - Artists' Impressions
£35 + postage

Hardback Book
29 x 29 cm (11.5 x 11.5 inches)

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* Please note that the book has a "sporting" slant to it. I just wanted to make you aware in case this might make the book unsuitable. I have not hunted myself, but several of the other artists have stalked deer.

Golden Evening - Red Deer Stags Watercolour

Roe deer - First Snow page


Do have a look around the website, if you see an original that you are interested in purchasing call or email to confirm availability. We'll note your interest on a first refusal basis whilst providing a quote for the cost of delivery.

To aid your decision making we will gladly provide you with a better quality enlargement, a photo of the current frame or any other information. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. If feasible you might like to arrange an appointment to view the original by visiting the studio.

As soon as you confirm that you would like to proceed we'll mark your painting(s) as sold.

To avoid disappointment call or email as soon as possible. We can take care of the payment and other arrangements once your chosen artwork has been reserved.

Wildlife Paintings

Playing Badgers Print - Badger Prints for Sale
"King of the Castle"
Framed varnished print on paper
image 381 x 305mm
approx. 15 x 12 inches)
£186 incl free UK delivery

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(only available for UK delivery)


NEW FOR 2014

Now available for UK delivery addresses

Framed Prints for Sale
Bird Prints
Mammal Prints

A small flock of pink-footed geese settling in a marsh. Canvas print

"First In ", Pink-footed Geese
Varnished print on paper presented in an
unglazed frame like an original oil

frame 785 x 970mm
(approx. 31 x 38 inches)

Framed Print *only for UK delivery
£316 incl. free UK delivery
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Gathering Swallows Framed Print for Sale
"Gathering Swallows"
Print on paper presented in a glazed frame

frame 459 x 974mm
(approx. 18 x 37.5 inches)

Framed Print *only for UK delivery
£175 incl. free UK delivery
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